About Us

3147fb7As a kid, Henry Hine became a rock hound collecting arrowheads along the Etowah River in Rome, Georgia. He even collected arrowheads for a college senior project at Sewanee. Through most of those years, at two different homes in the Rome area, there was always a millstone present in a landing flush-mounted even with the path, in both grass and flagstone.

One day his sister, watercolor artist Anne Hathaway, and he were discussing the fact that nobody was collecting millstones, and that’s where the idea for a millstone business began.

Today, Henry is the buyer, the seller, the collector, the freight hauler, the delivery guy, the chief bottle washer, everything. With over 130 millstones and 90 syrup kettles (yes he has those too), he buys millstones and now syrup kettles mostly one at a time.

We buy millstones and syrup kettles

We bought every one of our stones one at a time, sometimes two at a time if they were a mated pair. Same goes for syrup kettles, and butcher blocks. We have some inventory that’s over 20 years old (to us, not a great way to tie up your money).

We look for exactly what our buyers are looking for: better condition, intact, no chips, no breaks, no cracks.

visit-millstones.comIf you have a millstone for sale, gather the dimensions, get a digital picture, and reach out to Henry:

Phone404-310-6490 (please call between 8 am-8 pm Eastern Standard Time)

Email: Use our convenient email form to contact Henry by email