We have the greatest customers in the world. From professionals to landscape architects to creatively over-the-top designers, they not only purchase our inventory, they display it fabulously, and then forward us pictures for ALL of us to enjoy.

Choose from any of the photo galleries below and see our millstones, syrup kettles and more!

Home Decor


Butcher Blocks, Water Filtration Balls off the Chattahoochee River, decorative Custom Sawblades. ..we have several pieces that can be used indoors as well. Go to the inventory and see our collection of really large butcher blocks (we have 7 that are 5 feet in length or more…)



We have the absolute best and most creative customers in the hardscape business. Just look at all the great landscaping ideas using millstones and syrup kettles…



Millstones are as old as history itself. Now they are used as symbols of the harvest and hospitality, and we’re fortunate to work with great designers.

Millstone Fountains


Cast iron, stone and water work together to create pure art with a byproduct of the great sound of rushing water. These are self contained, low maintenance fountains combining two old recycled elements: millstones and syrup kettles. Like they say….just add water!

Syrup Kettles


Pure Southern History, many carry foundry markings from Savannah, Macon, Columbus, Chattanooga. These syrup kettles make great fountain bases, fire pits, planters and even more…take a look!

Weighty Matters


How do we work with such heavy pieces in projects? Very carefully! Some of these are fun pictures, some are sobering. All display the sheer weights we’re dealing with.