Buying A Millstone

Lets Take A Moment To Discuss How The Process Works!


offloadingMost of the time, we get to deal with the absolute best customer base in the country. Many are professional designers and landscape architects. Some are high end homeowners. Regardless of their status, all are considering buying something unique, something old. Most often, it’s a very personal decision, and while we do have a lot of antiquities, our business is not a “goods” business, it’s a service business. We find that each new client is best served if we make the buying process a very personal interaction. That way you will understand exactly what you are getting, the shipping requirements and the offloading process when your millstone arrives.

If you live in a 200 mile radius of Atlanta, I’m going to want you to meet me at the stone yard/warehouse so you can see for yourself our inventory and lay hands on the stones and kettles you want to consider.

Budget an hour, and we’re 30 miles east of downtown. For a map and directions, please click here.

You can tell from the portfolios that we have shipped these all over the United States.

Nobody ever just sends an email with a credit card and tells us to ship it. Nobody. They call first. They use the site to narrow their choices to three stones or two kettles, and they call to get more recent pictures of what they are considering. They want to talk about shipping, which has a jillion variables, history because each one is unique, and it’s just good business that we fulfill the customer’s expectations on the front end so there are no surprises on the back end.

You should use the same process as well. Slow this down. Spend some time on the two large sections of the site: the portfolios and the inventory. Decide what you want, get two to three options, email me or call, and let’s get you some more recent pictures so you can make an even more educated decision.

Email or phone 404-310-6490 (8 am-8 pm Eastern Standard Time).