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Genuine Antique Millstones and Sugar Cane Syrup Kettles provide unique historical enhancements to your home or business landscape. Our Millstones and cast iron Sugar Cane Syrup Kettles are genuine historical artifacts recovered from all over the United States, but mostly here from the South.

Millstones (also called grist mill stones) have always been symbol of both the harvest and hospitality, and make a great conversation starter.

Syrup Kettles are relics of the South and available in four basic sizes, make fabulous fountain bases, planters, even fire pits.

Butcher Blocks in our inventory are originally from the early 1900’s and make excellent kitchen islands.

Water Turbines we offer have been reclaimed along with the millstones and have been fully restored, ready to grind grain or provide power to your green hydro project.

Granite Curbing. It’s heavy, so of course we carry it. Salvaged off Atlanta’s streets, chipped, not sawn, varying lengths.

Water Filtration Balls. Sandstone, circa 1920, Columbus, Georgia. Purely decorative and almost 100 years old.

Our Inventory

We used to print a full catalog, but when one of our items sold, the catalog became obsolete. So now we’ve turned to the flexibility of the web.

Our inventory includes over 180 millstones, kettles, fountain displays, butcher blocks and turbines on this site. Because each one is unique, you are sure to find exactly what you need for your project. Soup to nuts, we provide full service. We even palletize and ship direct to your location.

Under our inventory, you can see our entire catalog of everything we have—each and EVERY SINGLE ONE of our Millstones, Syrup kettles, Butcher Blocks, Fountains and Turbines with pictures, history, description, dimensions, weight, and price.

Enjoy a cyber tour of our showroom, and once you see what you want, click on the Contact menu to contact us or get directions for a physical visit.

Our Portfolio

If you are looking for great ideas for how our millstones, kettles and other items can be used in landscaping, start by clicking on the “Portfolio” link. Here you can see what other clever designers and landscape architects have created.

We look forward to being of service to you, and feel free to contact us with questions about anything we offer.